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Aviation: From Curiosity to Reality


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Aviation: From Curiosity To Reality explores the development of aviation from da Vinci, Samuel Langley, the Wright brothers, and William Christmas (the third American to fly) and others.



Man has dreamed of flying for hundreds of years. The artist da Vinci drew a flying machine in 1490; in 1889, R.J. Spalding patented a bird suit to help him fly; and in 1906, Traian Vuia built an “aeroplane automobile” that hopped. Learn about early aviators including the Wright brothers, William Christmas and Bessie Coleman, etc. Read about the thrill of flying with barnstormers, wing walkers, Charles Lindbergh and the New York City Air Police.

Aviation: From Curiosity To Reality has 80 illustrations, experiments for the reader to conduct, a time line of firsts in aviation, and patent applications.


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